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Services at Kentucky Paws Animal Hospital

We provide exceptional veterinary care to pets and their families in Crescent Springs, KY.

Basic Annual/Preventative Care

From the first visit and throughout their entire life, we’ll be there to provide the absolute best care for your pet. Annual physical exams are essential and provide a thorough head to toe examination. Many of our younger patients have yearly exams, but we recommend exams every six months for aging pets or those who have medical conditions. Vaccinations will be tailored to your specific pets’ needs. I strongly recommend heartworm prevention year-round for all our canine patients due to the prevalence in northern Kentucky.

Dental Cleanings/Oral Surgery

It’s important for annual oral examinations to determine whether your pet needs a dental cleaning. We understand at-home dental care can be tricky, so we recommend regular dental cleanings as most periodontal disease lies underneath the gumline. Severe dental disease can not only lead to tooth loss, gingivitis, and mouth pain but also to systemic infection that can affect major organs such as the heart, kidneys, and liver. Every dental cleaning will receive digital dental radiographs to ensure the teeth are healthy and guide us when deciding to extract teeth.

Digital Radiographs

Modern technology allows us to treat your pet like never before. Not all illnesses or injuries can be seen by the naked eye – that’s where digital X-rays come into play. Digital X-rays are routinely used to diagnose and examine broken bones, obstructions, orthopedic problems, tumors, bladder stones, heart enlargement, etc. We can also use digital X-rays to confirm pregnancies or detect ingested objects. A quicker diagnosis leads to quicker treatment and a better prognosis for your pet. We also have digital dental radiographs that are performed on every dental cleaning.

General Surgery

Kentucky Paws Animal Hospital offers general and elective soft tissue surgical services for cats and dogs. While many surgeries can be performed in-house, there are cases we may refer to a surgical specialist. We do not do declaw procedures for cats. Common procedures may include but are not limited to:

  • Spay/neuter
  • Laceration/wound repairs/drain placements
  • Tumor removals
  • Exploratory laparotomies
  • Gastrotomies/enterotomies
  • Splenectomies
  • Cystotomies
  • Hematoma repairs
  • Amputations