Clinical Studies

At Kentucky Paws Animal Hospital, we heavily participate in national clinical studies.

JACK study: canine allergic dermatitis study

We are currently accepting dogs in a study for symptoms of allergies. If your dog is experiencing itchy, inflamed skin that appears flaky or greasy, or is chewing or biting their legs, feet, and other areas, they may qualify to participate in our clinical study. To see if your dog may be eligible, visit our website or contact us!

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NEMATODE study: canine gastrointestinal nematode infections

Do you know if your dog has intestinal worms? They may be eligible for a potential new treatment. For participation in the study, your dog will receive study-related treatment at no cost to you, including, physical exams, labwork, and possible heartworm test, and the assigned study treatment. You may also be eligible for compensation. 

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